Pokemon: Pikachu and Pals Junior Handbook: Pikachu and Pals by Simcha Whitehill

By Simcha Whitehill

Gotta learn 'em all! Scholastic's publishing software is geared to attract Pokémon enthusiasts of every age. Handbooks, sticky label books, create & hint, readers, 8x8s, and more.

Stories and actions for the youngest Pokémon enthusiasts! This interactive storybook permits little ones to assist Ash and sunrise whole their Pokémon quest. easy actions like connect-the-dots and matching video games make younger readers a true a part of the Pokémon adventure.

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Doug was going to do exactly what Pete had thought of. He’d been planning on holding Doug’s gun for him. And then when Doug was at the top of the fence he was going to shoot him. Making it look like Doug had tried to carry his gun as he climbed the fence but he’d dropped it and it went off. Roy bet on the old law enforcement rule that what looks like an accident probably is an accident. Pete didn’t move. He thought he saw something funny in Doug’s eyes, something mean and sarcastic. It reminded him of Mo’s expression.

They met when he came to the headquarters for a sales conference. Mo had told Pete that she was having dinner with “somebody” from the company, but she didn’t say who. Pete didn’t think anything of it until he overheard her telling one of her girlfriends on the phone about this interesting guy she’d met. But then she realized Pete was standing near enough to hear and she changed the subject. Over the next few months Pete realized that Mo was getting more and more distracted, paying less and less attention to him.

Then he heard the sound of a gun cocking. ” Pete gasped. Crack! 22 filled the field. Pete choked back a cry and looked around, nearly falling off the fence. “Damn,” Doug muttered. He was aiming away from the fence, nodding toward a tree line. “Squirrel. ” “Squirrel,” Pete repeated manically. ” Hands shaking, Pete continued over the fence and climbed to the ground. ” Doug asked. ” “I’m fine,” he said. Fine, fine, fine… Doug handed Pete the guns and started over the fence. Pete debated. Then he put his rifle on the ground and gripped Doug’s gun tight.

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