Post-Modern Magick by Seth

By Seth

This ebook is the start of a protracted road.It exists inside a paradox of specific learn and the fierce resistance of dogma.This publication is for the iconoclast.The magus who rejects blind adherence and who struggles opposed to the invisible criminal of tradition.For rouge students, artists, hackers, Goths, or the other magus at the underground direction of evolution."Do what thou wilt might be the total of the Law", with attitude.Post-Modern: a faculty of idea essentially concerned about the deconstruction of meta-narratives. during this textual content it's the rejection of the concept there's just one means of magick.Magick: using Will to elicit swap in Reality.Post-Modern Magick is self-initiation and exploration in keeping with own relevance and unfastened shape magick.These pages comprise not just a manuscript on post-modern magick in thought and perform, but in addition new post-modern grimoires similar to truth Hacker, all in print for the 1st time along extra conventional textual content.

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We will see all the worlds as they are, One. Then we will all see the Truth. As a species we will finally be free. Magical Terrorism An act of terrorism tends to be one of violence committed against those who are not capable of protecting themselves from such an assault. There is also an agenda that goes along with these actions, that is what separates these directed acts of violence from random attacks. Most are political, with small groups using terrorism in order to be heard by the majority.

The second group can be seen as the predators. They are the sexual abusers, mind control groups, and general magical miscreants and self-proclaimed “Satanists”. Fortunately their magick is weak, but if allowed to remain unchecked, their mana will grow quite strong. The best method of eliminating this threat however, is easy. Ignore them, and their powers will fade. The third, of course, is the loner. The shadow in the crowd. While this path is more difficult, the dissonant nature of goth magick lends itself to solitary practice.

People will lie, steal, cheat, trade their very lives for its possession. Still, it is energy, money is fundamentally no different than dirt or stone. Wealth is the flow of energy from which money, currency as it were, gains its power. The ebb and flow of the currents of wealth can be seen by the keen observer. Wealth flows along trade routes, pools in banks, forms eddies in the palm of a consumer. By controlling one’s body and spirit with calm meditative trances, the principle may contemplate, become familiar with, and gain subtle control of the flow of wealth.

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