Recent Antarctic and Subantarctic Brachiopods by Merrill W. Foster

By Merrill W. Foster

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Liothyrella scottiandLiothyrella uvauva genusare reportedtogether in largenumbers, the retainsomeof thecharacteristics probably possessed species taxonomy maybe questionable. by theancestral populations: highpuncta density and Qualitative and quantitative analysis suggests as- irregular shellmosaic. However, L. scotti hasdiverged sociations between morphological characters anden- sufficiently in otherwaysto meritspecific rank. For example, in the familyTerebratellidae, fromdeepwater populations of Macandrevia ameripuncta density, shellthickness, andmosaic coarseness cana,suchastheoneoff theBalleny Islands today.

10; Eichler, 1911, p. 386; Thomson,1918, p. 11. Notosaria nigricans pyxidata (Davidson,1888) ? Jackson, 1912a,p. 370. Plate 2, figs. 15-18 Rhynchonellanigricansvar. pixydataDavidson,1880, Compsothyris racovitzae;Jackson,1918b, pp. 188p. 59, pl. 4, fig. 14. 193, pl. 1, figs. 3A-F, 4, 5, 6A, C, E, 9, 10; Thomson,1927,p. 159; Cooper,1959,pp. 56, 57, pl. 16; Rhynchonellanigricansvar. , 1965, p. 624, fig. 509, 2a-e. pp. 170, 171, pl. 24, fig. 14. HemithyrisstriataThomson,1918,p. 12. Notosarianigricanspyxidata;Cooper,1959, p.

Inner hinge plates incipiently developed;median ridge slender,low, extendingforward about one-thirdvalve length, reaching apex,theredividedand supportingproximalends of crural bases. Adductorscloselycrowded against medianridge, right and left pairs teardropshapedin outline; three low ridgesor facesof differentsize SYSTEMATIC DISCUSSION 51 each side of septum,long ridge borders proximal raisedabovethe floor of the valve,leavinga chamber beneath. There is considerablevariation on the general plan in the degreeof development of the muscle scarsand the associatedridges or inclined surfaces.

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