Self-Shielded Arc Welding by T Boniszewski

By T Boniszewski

An in depth unique point of view from a number one professional on welding metallurgy of the self-shielded arc welding strategy and its purposes. the writer explains the elemental technique metallurgy of the method and its dating with different arc welding processe

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The The dimensions build-up of the of spatter gas-shroud, in but the nozzle also not increases only its 37 turbulence which is conducive to air entrainment into the shielding gas. 25 shows how with the increasing spatter build-up in the gun nozzle, the N-content increased in the weld metal deposited with C02- -shielding (67). With the clean nozzle the N-content was below 100 ppm (see also the Nitrogen Scale in Fig. 2), but as the spatter encrustation exceeded 50%, the N-content shot up with the resulting porosity.

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