Sulfuric Acid Manufacture. Analysis, Control and by William G. Davenport and Matthew J. King (Auth.)

By William G. Davenport and Matthew J. King (Auth.)

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2 6-8 2 52 Fig. 2. Spent acid decomposition furnace. It is brick lined steel -4 m diameter and 20 m long. The energy for decomposing H2SO4(g) into SO2(g), O2(g) and H20(g) and for evaporating water is provided by burning molten sulfur and natural gas with hot air. 2. 1-1 gram per Nm 3 Its H2O and particulates are removed before it is sent to catalytic S O 2 oxidation. Its content is increased by adding air just before gas dehydration, Fig. 1. 5 Optimum Decomposition Furnace Operating Conditions Decomposition furnaces are operated to efficiently decompose their spent acid into SO2, O2 and H20(g).

Com Sparkler (2004) Vertical Plate Filters. Brochure distributed at Sulphur 2004 meeting, Barcelona, October 24-27, 2004. nl Thermal Ceramics (2005) Fire tube boiler. www. N. (1954) The Sulphur Data Book, McGraw-Hill, New York, 5 7. com 31 CHAPTER 4 Metallurgical Offgas Cooling and Cleaning About 20% of the world's sulfuric acid is made from SO2 in smelter and roaster offgases. 1. They are hot and dusty. g. chlorine and gaseous arsenic compounds. The S02 is suitable for sulfuric acid manufacture, but the gases must be: (a) cooled (b) cleaned (c) diluted with weak SO 2 process gas and/or air and: (d) dried before they go to acidmaking, Fig.

The furnace offgases are diluted with weak SO2 process gases and air to obtain the <13 volume% SO2 gas required by catalytic SO2 oxidation. SO2 gases are also made by gold, lead, molybdenum and pyrite roasting (not shown). Metallurgical Process Offgas temperature, SO2 in offgas, Dust in offgas K volume% g per Nm 3 Inco flash smelting 1540-1570 50-75 200-250 Outokumpu flash smelting 1540-1620 30-45 100-250 Outokumpu flash converting 1560 35-40 200 Outokumpu flash direct-tocopper smelting 1590-1670 15-45 200 Mitsubishi smelting 1510-1520 30-35 70 Mitsubishi converting 1500-1520 25-30 100 Submerged-tuyere smelting 1470-1510 20-25 15-20 (Noranda & Teniente) Top-lance smelting (Isasmelt 1490-1520 20-25 10 & Ausmelt) Batch converting (PeirceSmith & Hoboken) 1470 8-15 ZnS roasting (fluid bed) 623-673 # 10# .

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