The Machinist Dictionary by Fred H. Colvin

By Fred H. Colvin

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COPPER SILICON ALLOY—Copper alloyed with some silicon and occasionally a little manganese. 25 per cent copper to aid in resisting corrosion. COPPER SULPHATE—A crystal soluble in water. It is used to paint or coat metals to make it easy to see markings on the surface. Sometimes called bluestone or blue vitriol. CORE OILS—Binders for sand cores in foun- dry work. American Foundry Association specifications are 50 per cent raw linseed oil, 25 per cent high grade rosin, 25 per cent water white kerosene.

Zinc more than tin. Alloys COPPER-BASE ALLOYS COUNTERBORE Lead Bronze—Lead over 30 per cent. Tin under 10 per cent. Zinc less than tin. Used for special bearing applications. Suitable for bearings where lubrication is intermittent. Do not have sufficient strength for high com- pressive loads. Some of these alloys used for metallic packing in steam engines. Nickel Bronze—Nickel over 10 per cent. Zinc less than nickel. Tin under 10 per cent. 5 per cent. Commonly used foundry alloys. " Better Generated for Christie, Christina A.

Org/access_use#pd-google CLUTCH, CENTRIFUGAL COLLIMATOR CLUTCH, CENTRIFUGAL—A dutch with ex- panding, self-energizing shoes which grip harder as the speed increases. Used with an electric motor, it permits the motor to attain part of its normal speed before the dutch begins to act. CLUTCH, FLUID—A device in which liquid, usually oil, is forced through restricted pas- sages in the stationary member until the pres- sure caused by increased speed of flow forces the stationary member to turn. When the driven member is up to speed there is very Generated for Christie, Christina A.

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