The Postclassic to Spanish-Era Transition in Mesoamerica: by Susan Kepecs, Rani T. Alexander

By Susan Kepecs, Rani T. Alexander

In this quantity, 13 anthropological archaeologists operating in historic time frames in Mesoamerica, together with editors Susan Kepecs and Rani Alexander, holiday down the substitute barrier among archaeology and heritage via supplying new fabric proof of the transition from native-ruled, prehispanic society to the age of Spanish management. Taken jointly, the chapters contained herein conceal many of the key Mesoamerican areas that at last got here less than Spanish control.

The authors deliver new empirical info to endure at the challenge of the way prehispanic social, political, and fiscal association have been remodeled, as autonomous Maya kingdoms, the Aztec empire (with its shopper states), the Tarascans, and different extra far away polities as soon as associated throughout the macroregional fiscal internet of the Postclassic interval have been forcibly included into Spain's transatlantic area. The complicated tactics of multidirectional interplay and tradition touch between Mesoamericans and Europeans are coloured through cultural variety, tradition conflict, and sundry responses starting from lodging to resistance to energetic uprising. those case reviews additionally light up how local association altered the Spanish imperial method. finally, this quantity offers a hyperlink among earlier and current, seeing that Mesoamerican peoples proceed to barter the results of globalization on their societies. Susan Kepecs is an honorary fellow within the division of anthropology on the college of Wisconsin-Madison. Rani T. Alexander is an affiliate professor within the division of sociology and anthropology at New Mexico country college, Las Cruces.

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Thus native governors in relatively ignored settings continued to administer the surviving Aztecs from tecpans, even when the buildings were crumbling, as was the case in Texcoco. 3 / 17 Tenochtitlán-Mexico City: sixteenth- century tecpan, as depicted in the Codex Osuna (1565). Redrawn by author. Texcoco: Tecpan of Quinatzin. While the more famous and extensive palaces of Nezahualcoyotl and Nezahualpilli became ruins, an even older Texcoco tecpan, that of Quinatzin, continued in use. In the most famous Inquisition episode in Colonial Mexico, Texcoco’s native governor, a descendant of Nezahualcoyotl, was accused and found guilty of continuing native religious practices.

Chiautla, Late Postclassic city-state, Early Colonial cabecera (Gibson 1964:43). 71/4 “Tepetlaoztoc” : small native-style building, E of town, near roads, river. Late Postclassic city-state, Early Colonial cabecera (Gibson 1964:43). Quinatzin Palace? small native-style building, with small tower, on E side of town. Texcoco, Late Postclassic huetlatoani capital, Early Colonial cabecera (Gibson 1964:43). X ind. 00/5 “Tetzcoco”: in town, medium native-style building w/ wall and gatehouse. Texcoco, Late Postclassic huetlatoani capital, Early Colonial cabecera (Gibson 1964:43).

Guatemala, 2nd house from Piño Suarez), large native-style building with 2 arched doorways, plus Euro-style pitched roof with tower Tenochtitlan–Mexico City: SE barrio: Casa de Tapia (Linné 1948: 66], very large Euro-style building, largest residence depicted in this largely native quarter. Tenochtitlan–Mexico City: SW barrio (between V. Carranza & Tacuba), mediumlarge native style building with 3 arched doorways Tenochtitlan–Mexico City: SW barrio, “S. Lazaro” (corner of SJuan Letran/L. Cardenas & Arcos de Belem), medium-large native style building, terminus of Chapultepec aqueduct (Linné 1948: 66] Tenochtitlan–Mexico City: SW barrio, across from “S.

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