The Xanadu Adventure (Vesper Holly) by Lloyd Alexander

By Lloyd Alexander

Vesper and her acquaintances are crusing off to the newly came across archeological web site of Troy. yet hazard is shut behind—and the social gathering is tricked and imprisoned in a superb palace referred to as Xanadu. Xanadu’s grasp is none except Vesper’s archenemy, Dr. Helvitius, who has a diabolical scheme to dominate the realm. His first target is to wreck Vesper, who has thwarted him as soon as too usually. get away turns out most unlikely. but when someone can do it, Vesper can!

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Adding to your laurels, sir," The Weed said, which restored much of Dionescu's glow. "And, as well," I said, "redounding to the credit of the University of Cludj. " "No," he snapped. "No, sir, they are not. My investigations are conducted privately. " Vesper glanced around the site. " "Worth every one of them," Dionescu replied. "What I have discovered—" He broke off as Mary and the twins came running toward us. "Miss Vesper," Smiler called out, "Ariadne's left us here. " CHAPTER 6 To calm the agitated Smiler, I assured him he was mistaken.

Worse, he had subjected us to the crudest of torments: the agony of suspense. It would have been kinder to dispatch us out of hand and be done with it. And yet—I can hardly bring myself to admit it—the weirdest aspect of this event was: We had a very good time. The atmosphere was cordial, collegial—apart from a few heated exchanges, which can occur in the course of any dinner party. Had we become resigned to our fate? Had we so abandoned hope that nothing held significance for us? Had the certainty of death liberated us from all trivial considerations?

First, Dionescu had no sense of time, distance, or terrain. What he led us to believe would be a short hike proved otherwise. Noon was long past. By his own admission, we had only gone halfway. Second, I became ill, and sicker with every jolting step. I blamed myself. I should have recognized the warning symptoms. My ailment was a cousin—a vicious, virulent cousin— of breakbone fever. I had acquired it when Vesper's father and I visited Benares to observe the funeral pyres, the famous ghats on the banks of India's legendary River Ganges.

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